Sales Executive - Sandton

Job/Function Outputs & Related Activities

1- Sells Products/Services & Sales Opportunities
• Advise Customers on product availability, costs, performance & options
• Identify incorrect opportunity (e.g. wrong sizes/parts)
• Advise Customer on correct requirement (e.g. tyre replacement as opposed to repair, correct size etc)
• Identify new/further sales/service opportunities (e.g. rims, service i.e. time for new tyres)
• “Sell up” on specials

2- Build Customer Relations
• Identify and interpret Customer complaints/queries
• Resolve Customer queries/complaints
• Follow up after Services

3- Administer Reports/Documents
• Interpret alignment reports (graphic and column)
• Explain report to Customer (fault finding)
• Compare reports
• Compile Customer invoices
• Check invoices
• Generate TEC’s
• Process orders
• Generate quotations

4- Plan and Schedule Work
• Plan own work schedules
• Order parts/spares
• Coach learners i.e. sales trainees

5- Inspect/Test Product & Drive Cars
• Check tyre condition
• Check rim condition
• Drive car to verify defects

Product/Services List
• Tyres
• Wheels
• Wheel alignment
• Wheel balancing
• Nitrogen

Critical Cross Field Outcomes
• Identifies reasons/causes of defective tyres (manufacturing or mechanical related) & resolves causes of tyre failures & malfunctions. Decides on/ coordinates solutions to the problems.
• Interacts & works with Customers, suppliers, workshop personnel, co-workers, store management, other departments (e.g. Admin etc) other stores
• Plans and schedules own daily work
• Reads & interpret alignment reports.
• Compiles invoices
• Reading supplier specifications i.e. features and benefits of products
• Processing supplier
• Generate quotations
• Participates in store discussions & meetings
• Reporting conditions & incidents of Customer interactions
• Using / understanding computer related programs/software
• Linking conditions & incidents to implications for safety i.e. worn/damaged tyres, tyre inflation, damaged rims etc
• Identify & exploit new/additional sales & service opportunities

Fundamental Learning
Language / Literacy / Communications
• Read, write, interpret, analyse and explain reports, tables, diagrams, supplier documentation & text.
• Conducts basic presentations at team level
• Calculations (add/subtract/multiply/division), symbolic representation (degrees/minutes/millimetres/kilograms) & basic algebra (tyre & wheel dimensions etc)
Knowledge and Understanding
Technology of field
• Understand how to operate balancing machines
• Understand how to operate, install, service, repair, calibrate & test alignment machines
• Alignment of vehicles (technical adjustments plus interpretation)
• Knowledge of Alignment (interpretation of vehicle behaviour)
• Balancing knowledge
• Fitting and stripping tyres
• Identifying tyre/rim defects
• Product knowledge i.e. various suppliers tyres and rims
• Understanding tyre performance and specifications
• Wheel and tyre accessories i.e. lock nut systems, nitrogen, rim accessories etc
• Selling skills
• Handling customers
• Using computer programs & software (4GL)
• Telephone skills
• Admin related functions i.e. cash up, invoicing, receiving cash etc
Context of work
• Supplier product specifications e.g. Conti, Goodyear etc
• Vehicle specifications i.e. type of tyres/rims required

Value systems and culture
• Customer/Service orientation
• Attention to detail
• Working as part of a team
• Reliability / Responsible
• Initiative
• Professional presentation of self

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