Senior Mechanical Engineer - Stellenbosch

12405TS       Senior Mechanical Engineer (Stellenbosch) 

Closing Date    8 May 2012

About the Job

The Client Military Applications unit has a vacancy for a Senior Mechanical Engineer in its Technology for Special Operations (TSO) competency area based in Stellenbosch. The TSO area provides and produces specialised equipment, technology and research. This equipment includes electronic and mechanical subsystems within weapons, observation, detection and explosives systems. The work done in these areas is usually highly confidential, but may in certain instances also find commercial application.

The incumbent will work in close partnership with end-users and will be required to travel within the borders of South Africa on a frequent basis. The position is 
based in Stellenbosch. S/he will perform research and development (R&D) and knowledge applications, including technological innovation required for special operations. The main application area is national defence and security.

Key responsibilities:

  • Conduct requirement analysis.

  • Design and specify naval craft systems.

  • Integrate lower level components into systems.

  • Simulate and functionally analyse systems and subsystems.

  • Design and execute field experiments, analyse and interpret data and client feedback.

  • Specify maritime/naval vessels.

Qualifications, skills and experience:

  • A minimum of a BSc (Eng) or BEng degree (preferably a Master’s) in mechanical engineering.

  • At least eight to ten years’ general engineering experience.

  • Three years’ systems engineering experience.

  • South African citizenship is necessary as a security clearance is required for this position.

  • Knowledge of modelling vessel movements/behaviour in a maritime/naval environment will be required.

  • Knowledge of maritime/naval systems will be an advantage.

  • Working experience in system analysis will be an advantage.

  • Knowledge of power trains will be an advantage. The power train includes:

    • All of its components used to transform stored (chemical, solar, nuclear, kinetic, potential, etc.) energy into kinetic energy for propulsion purposes; and 

    • The utilisation of multiple power sources and non-wheel-based vehicles.

  • Knowledge of propulsion systems will be an advantage.

  • Knowledge of naval craft that is, understanding the various mobility elements of the craft, speed, endurance, waterline, and control interact and how the demands of the equipment required to perform the vessel's operational function govern the choice of vehicle and its configuration.

  • Understanding implementation considerations for electrical and mechanical subsystems.

Behavioural attributes:

  • Strong analytical skills including good mathematical and statistical ability.

  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated individual.

  • Ability to take ownership of a project and take initiative in the position.

  • Good communication skills as the incumbent will be expected to grow effective relationships with specific clients.

  • Ability to make decisions, meet deadlines and have excellent writing skills.

  • Ability to work well under pressure as well as work as part of a team is essential.

South African citizenship is necessary as a security clearance is required for this position.



Employment Equity is applicable

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