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SM Placements is short for Staffing Management Placements. Why did we call ourselves that? In short every Recruitment Agency proclaims they are one of the leading Recruitment Agencies. Maybe in size maybe we don’t know, but at SM we are not a regular Recruitment Agency; we compete in a different league, we are a company that manages the staffing needs of companies from start to finish. We do not push out CV’s to client’s who actually don’t need them, and end up doing what they pay the agency to do. We don’t have weekly stats we need to reach, like certain amount of cold calls to make each week, number of new clients to sign on, or bring in new specifications. For us it just makes no sense. I knew you would agree. So at SM we are not just a recruitment Agency, we are also your business partners. Clients / Customers are not robots, they are humans. You can’t treat each client the same, read off scripts, and do everything in scripts. No, each and every single client is an individual, so we build individual business relationships with our clients. We understand your company, the culture, we go that extra mile. Feedback, oh yes, it is a known fact that Agencies are renown for not giving feedback to clients and candidates - we are trying to understand how they are still in business. Feedback is a number 1 rule: upon receiving a spec, working the spec, interviewing etc – each and every stage you know where and what we doing. Some clients want feedback 3 times a week, others weekly. That all depends on the individual client, we do not generalise. At SM Placements we want to achieve Customer satisfaction Achieve excellence by adhering to our Codes of Conduct, always ensuring professional service to both clients and candidates.

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