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  • Trematon Capital Investments Ltd

    Trematon Capital Investments Ltd Johannesburg, South Africa

    Trematon Capital Investments Limited is an investment group. The portfolio comprises investments, subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures engaged in a variety of industries. Most of the investments are based in the ...

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  • Tradehold Limited

    Tradehold Limited Cape Town, South Africa

    Tradehold Limited is an investment holding company listed on the Main Board of the JSE. It has no operating assets in South Africa. Its business consists of an indirect holding of 15,9% in the UK-based Instore and an ...

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  • Simmer and Jack Mines Limited

    Simmer and Jack Mines Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Simmer and Jack Mines, Limited (Simmers) is a holding company whose main assets are cash. The Simmers shares are listed on the JSE Limited (JSE). During the period under review, the group disposed of the subsidiary ...

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  • Afrocentric Investment Corp Limited

    Afrocentric Investment Corp Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    AfroCentric Investment Corporation Limited is a black-owned, diversified investment holding company established in 2006 and listed on the JSE. AfroCentric has specifically invested in businesses that demonstrate ...

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  • Unitrans Limited

    Unitrans Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Unitrans Limited is a South African investment holding company. It operates in four segments: Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions, Passenger, Motor Retail and Rental, and Financial Services. The main service offering of ...

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  • Trencor Limited

    Trencor Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Trencor Limited is a holding company listed on the JSE. The group's core business focus is owning, leasing, managing and trading marine cargo containers worldwide, and related finance activities. ...

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  • Winhold Limited

    Winhold Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Winhold Limited was incorporated in the Republic of South Africa on 29 September 1945, and operates as an investment holding company. The company is listed on the JSE in the Industrial Goods and Service Sector. Winhold ...

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  • Makalani Holdings Limited

    Makalani Holdings Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Makalani Management Company (Pty) Ltd (“Makalani”) was established in 2005 to perform the activities of managing the R2.5 billion mezzanine asset portfolio of Makalani Holdings Ltd (“Fund I”). These activities included ...

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  • Stratcorp Limited

    Stratcorp Limited Pretoria, South Africa

    StratCorp is an investment holding company that owns and invests in companies with high growth potential. Its focus is on providing its subsidiaries with infrastructural support and management services, which include ...

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  • Ububele Holdings Limited

    Ububele Holdings Limited Cape Town, South Africa

    Ububele Holdings Limited was founded in 2002 and concentrates their efforts on strategic investments in the Agriculture sector to the south of Africa. Ububele Holdings Limited is listed on the AltX exchange of the JSE. ...

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  • Paladin Capital Ltd

    Paladin Capital Ltd Stellenbosch, South Africa

    The company shepherds detailed analysis on political and social systems, market infrastructure, labour markets and capital markets support to ensure a narrowed down end result in potential areas to invest in. The ...

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  • Marshall Monteagle PLC

    Marshall Monteagle PLC Durban, South Africa

    Based in London, the United Kingdom, Montegale PLC is a listed investment holding company. The company has a diversified range of investments including commercial properties, food production and processing business, ...

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  • Prescient Limited

    Prescient Limited Cape Town, South Africa

    Launched as an investment management firm with stock breaking business. The business is structured to efficiently and seamlessly to meet the needs of their clients and the investing community. Their founding ...

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  • AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd

    AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd Cape Town, South Africa

    At AECOM, we strive to provide our youth with unique opportunities to join our global network of experience and support. We welcome all who wants to bring us their knowledge and energy so that we can help you landscape ...

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  • Argon Asset Management

    Argon Asset Management Cape Town, South Africa

    Argon Asset Management is an owner managed investment management company. The company was established in April 2005 and the main focus of the company is to provide relevant investment service for institutional ...

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