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  • Compagnie Fin Richemont

    Compagnie Fin Richemont Sandton, South Africa

    Richemont was created in 1988. First owned by Rembrandt Group Limited of South Africa( Dr Anton Rupert) in the 1940`s.They owned substantial interest in the tobacco, financial, wine, spirit, gold and diamond mining ...

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  • Levi's

    Levi's Cape Town, South Africa

    Levi Strauss & Co. was one of the first global companies to re-enter the South African market following the peaceful democratic elections in 1994. Eighty percent (80%) of the Levi Strauss first staff intake were ...

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  • Mondi Paper

    Mondi Paper Johannesburg, South Africa

    Mondi, an international packaging and paper Group, has production operations across 30 countries. In 2012, they had revenues of €5.8 billion. Their key operations are located in central Europe, Russia and South Africa. ...

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  • Sesli Textiles Pty Ltd

    Sesli Textiles Pty Ltd Johannesburg, South Africa

    Established Circa 1999, Sesli Textiles (Pty) Ltd is a privately held business. Since their establishment more than a decade ago, they have gone from strength to strength. They are one of South Africa’s leading and ...

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    MIBFA Johannesburg, South Africa

    MIBFA was established primarily in 1957, and is an association conferred and committed to its clients through fantastic administration conveyance. MIBFA is an association with master information fit for giving front ...

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