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  • Wastemart CC

    Wastemart CC Cape Town, South Africa

    We specialize in the removal, transport and safe disposal of domestic, industrial, liquid, compactable and contaminated waste, as well as builder's rubble and garden refuse. We provide and service skip, "roll-on ...

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  • Eqstra

    Eqstra Bedfordview, South Africa

    Eqstra is a 27 year old established business. It specializes in integrated leasing and capital equipment. Eqstra’s main business is the distribution, long-term lease and rental of mobile capital equipment. It also ...

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  • Cargo Carriers

    Cargo Carriers Johannesburg, South Africa

    Established in 1956 Cargo Carriers are the leading experts in supply chain and logistics services. They are one of the largest privately owned transport companies in South Africa and have been listed in the ...

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  • Supaswift (Pty) Ltd

    Supaswift (Pty) Ltd Germiston, South Africa

    Integrated in 2005, MyExpress Company (Pty) Ltd and Supaswift Express (Pty) Ltd have since merged and been known as Supaswift (Pty) Ltd. The company is a licensee of Federal Express Corporation and therefore Customers ...

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  • Serco Industries

    Serco Industries Phoenix, South Africa

    Serco Industries started from their humble beginnings in 1981 as ‘Vital Services’. To reflect the focus on service to the transport industry, the name was later shortened to ‘SERCO’. The company is built on the ...

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  • AGS Frasers International Removals

    AGS Frasers International Removals Johannesburg, South Africa

    AGS Group is a family owned removals company, established 38 years ago. The company operates in five continents, 124 locations within 76 countries throughout the world. Moreover, they have 28 FAIM accredited branches ...

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  • Van der Vyver Transport

    Van der Vyver Transport Cape Town, South Africa

    Founded in 1984 by Emile and Corrie van der Vyver, Van Der Vyver Transport is a long distance transport company. Since its inception, the company has grown to be a trusted leader in transport industry solutions. Van ...

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  • Intercape

    Intercape Cape Town, South Africa

    Established in 1979, Intercape is the largest privately owned intercity passenger transport service in Southern Africa. The Intercape business is about moving people by people. Teamwork and the coordination thereof is ...

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  • CCG - Cool Chain Group (Pty) Ltd

    CCG - Cool Chain Group (Pty) Ltd Cedarberg, South Africa

    Cool Chain Group (CCG) is a global network of operations dedicated to managing the supply chain of temperature sensitive goods. The company’s expertise, with the attention to the unique requirements of perishable ...

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  • RTT

    RTT Boksburg, South Africa

    ‘Our business is big enough to offer a world class service and with a strategic approach to customers’ needs small enough to deliver more’. RTT, the largest courier company in Africa, has been a dominant force in ...

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  • DHL

    DHL Johannesburg, South Africa

    DHL consists of 3 sections including DHL Express, DHL Supply Chain and DHL Forwarding, Freight. They are the most universal company in the world due to their presence in 220 countries and regions, providing employment ...

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  • Metrorail

    Metrorail Johannesburg, South Africa

    Metrorail is accountable for conveying up to 2 million passengers per day in these subsequent functional areas: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The PRASA possess 317 bases of the 468 stations ...

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