Human Resources Supervisor - Kokstad

2019/09/13 9:20:35 AM
Human Resources Supervisor
Description and responsibilities:
• Fluent in English
• Independent
• Good communication skills/experienced in HR Functions
• Strategic planning
• Resource selection
• Leadership Techniques
• Local Law
• Training and developing
• Monitoring
• Leadership and management
• Analyse data to determine requirements/actions
• Planning
• Team player
• Produce action plans weekly/monthly
• Provide HR progress report
• Make improvements to departments outputs
• Continuous improvements
• Document processes and procedures
• Providing consistent guidance on grievance and other procedures
• Communication written and verbal to all departments
• Provide decisive information verbally and in a written format
• Deliver clear and direct instructions
• Coordinate work activities
• Follow up on objectives
• High standard of attention to detail
Salary negotiable depending on experience

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