Retail buyer E Commerce - Sandton

Job description 

This person will be responsible for planning and selecting the range of products to sell in our online luxury goods stores.

Throughout the year, tasks will involve:

  • define the range of products for chosen luxury goods categories

  • source suppliers for the product range

  • research and set  pricing for the product range

  • Merchandise the products through positioning on the online web page, and creating special retail offers

  • analysing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends;

  • regularly reviewing performance indicators (sales, churn of stock)

  • managing plans for stock levels;

  • meeting suppliers and negotiating terms of contract;

  • maintaining relationships with suppliers;

  • attending trade fairs, locally and possibly overseas, to select and assemble a new collection of products;

  • forecasting sales levels;

  • seeking merchandise feedback from customers;

  • training and mentoring staff.

The buyer must have the following skills to  be considered for the position

Extensive knowledge of suppliers for the luxury goods categories

  • Merchandising experience

  • Understanding of customer demand in the luxury goods industry

  • market trends in the luxury goods industry;

  • The ability to work with financial budgets.

  • 5+ years experience of buying for the retail luxury goods market

  • Knowledge of the gifting, beauty  and/or jewellery markets will be an advantage

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