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23 April 2018

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Automotive Electrician Job Description

What does an automotive electrician do?

An automotive electrician is in charge of repairing, troubleshooting and upgrading the vehicle’s electrical system as well as the devices that relies on electrical energy. Although a car is known to be powered by fuel, some of its components require electrical power. This job is a bit challenging since they have to effectively connect the electrical components with a small battery source.

Typical work activities of an automotive electrician?

An automotive technician usually works to troubleshoot electrical problems in a vehicle. For example, they could look for the cause of the headlight’s problem or when the car stereo is not working as expected. Aside from troubleshooting and repair, they can also work with car owners to improve the car’s electronic system. With the help of an automotive technician, car owners could install electronic components such as charger for their Mp3 players, dashboard with GPS or LCD screens for movie viewing.

Training and education requirements?

Basic electronics with training in automotive is an ideal automotive electrician. While their work is limited on car’s electronic system, they should be familiar with basic car mechanism at the same time so that their work will sync with the car’s engine. Experience and training is a must for automotive electricians since theoretical knowledge should be paired with actual practice. Those who wanted to work as automotive electrician usually starts out as trainees or assistants.

Where can I work as an automotive electrician?

Automotive electricians can be hired by car manufacturers, car dealers and auto repair shops. If they already have extensive experience related to this line of job, they can work for highly demanding jobs in the industry such as professional racers.

Can I work for myself in this job?

An automotive electrician can practically work anywhere because of his or her skills. This means they don’t have to be tied up to a company to work with different customers. They can practically set-up shop in their garage where their client can visit them if they have any problem. They can also start a full-fledged auto-shop if they have the right equipment to deal with different car-related problems and capital.

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