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02 June 2020

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Advertising Worker Job Description

What does an advertising worker do?

An advertising worker is in charge of the company’s marketing plans. An entry level advertising worker would often be required to create marketing strategies. Advertising firms or the marketing department of businesses will require an advertising worker to effectively market their business or clients through different advertising methods.

Typical work activities of an advertising worker?

A typical day of an advertising worker often involves creative development of various marketing strategies. Some advertising workers specialize in graphic design for the advertisement while others are in charge of putting together the concept. Other advertising workers write materials so that their company or client’s product will be properly pitched to consumers.

Training and education requirements?

Many companies consider bachelor degree as the least educational requirement. However, more companies are inclined to hire individuals who already have a degree related to the industry – specifically marketing and business related degrees. Training is often based on internship where college students and fresh graduates become increasingly oriented to the demands of the industry. Internship is often seen as a stepping stone for many entry-level advertising workers as competition for position are often fierce especially in popular advertising agencies. Advertising companies often prefer individuals with experience and internship is often considered as experience.

Where can I work as an advertising worker?

Large companies with marketing division and advertising agencies are the major employers of advertising workers. Many businesses require a separate marketing division as this is more cost effective compared to constantly hiring advertising agencies. Advertising agencies, on the other hand, are often on the lookout for talented advertising workers in order to gain advantage of other agencies.

Can I work for myself in this job?

There are successful advertising workers who opted to start their advertising agency. They often work with small businesses that do not have the budget to gain the services of larger agencies. Some advertising workers are opting for a partnership and they share assignments in marketing especially when each partner has unique skills related to advertising.

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