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17 February 2020

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Agricultural Engineer Job Description

What does an agricultural engineer do?

An agricultural engineer is focused on the advancement of the agricultural industry. They work with farmers and companies involved in agriculture in order to develop programs, methodologies and equipment that could increase production or deal with current problems in farming. Their work often involves dealing with different technologies that can improve the agriculture industry.

Typical work activities of an agricultural engineer?

Daily activities of an agricultural engineer are usually based on research and development. They learn more about the pressing challenges of agriculture and formulate or develop the right technology to deal with the said problem. Some agricultural engineers work for companies who wanted to create and develop machines that ease agricultural processes. Some agricultural engineers help in managing companies involved in agriculture.

Training and education requirements?

Many colleges offer agricultural engineering as a degree. A college may offer this degree as a four-year or a five year course depending on their curriculum. After college, many agricultural engineer work for various companies as part of their training. Depending on state laws, a license could be obtained through experience, additional years of education and/or written exams. Advanced studies are also required for agricultural engineers aiming for teaching positions.

Where can I work as an agricultural engineer?

Private companies that sell products and offer services related to agriculture are the primary employers of agricultural engineers. As these companies are constantly looking for ways to develop a new technology that advances agriculture, they are constantly looking for agricultural engineers with experience and have been very productive when working with farmers. The government is also hiring agricultural engineers for their agriculture department for research, consultancy and management purposes. Universities are also hiring agricultural engineers but there is an added requirement of post graduate studies.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Self employment is possible in this career as small businesses related to agriculture will require assistance of consultants. Farmers will also require the expertise of an agricultural engineer as they test out new technologies and methods in their farmland.

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