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02 June 2020

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Business Analyst Job Description

What does a business analyst do?

A business analyst, as the name implies, scrutinizes different business dealings. They monitor business activity around the world and learn more about the factors that affect businesses. After considering these factors, a business analyst would often pass judgment or make a decision if the business dealing is favorable to their client or employer.

Typical work activities of a business analyst?

Business analysts constantly monitor the factors that would affect any business setting. Aside from business decisions made by companies, business analysts also monitor the latest political decisions that could alter business processes or hamper business transactions. A business analyst would often work with clients who seek an analyst’s advice on certain transactions such as mergers and takeovers. They may also provide educated advice on how to be successful in the stock market.

Training and education requirements?

There is no degree specifically developed for business analysts. However, business related degrees are highly encouraged for those who wanted to become business analysts. A degree in commerce can help them understand different business process and determine how non-business decisions have affected business setting.

Aside from a degree related to business, analysts often rely on their ability to scrutinize different factors and use them to make a smart decision. Experience is often valued in business analysts because this often means longer exposure to actual business setting which is essential in developing better business analysis. Those who aspire in becoming business analysts often work as apprentice or intern for financial companies.

Where can I work as a business analyst?

Business analysts often work for finance companies that offer guidance to different businesses with regard to their transactions. There are also analysts hired by companies who wanted to make sure their business decision is according to their interests.

Can I work for myself in this job?

An analyst can work independently as he or she can provide guidance in making the right business decisions. Business analysts often become independent consultants who provide additional view or opinion on various business plans.

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