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14 October 2019

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Chemical Engineer Job Description

What does a chemical engineer do?

A chemical engineer is in charge of properly mixing raw materials in creating a product. They have to make sure that the chemical mixtures of the product they are making are according to standards. They conduct tests on different materials in order to determine the safety, danger or capability of a certain material before any testing is made. They consider the possible chemical reaction of a material with other materials and determine if the reaction will not place anyone in danger.

Typical work activities of a chemical engineer?

A chemical engineer often works in a laboratory wherein their objective to determine the chemical component of a raw material. In their laboratory, they learn more about the product by learning the possible effects when substances are mixed. Aside from initial testing of the product, they can also help in quality control by conducting further studies after manufacturing. They can help in quality control to make sure the products are safe for consumers.

Training and education requirements?

A degree in chemical engineering is a requirement for those interested in becoming chemical engineers. Most colleges and universities offer this degree and they usually take four to five years to complete. A student with a degree in chemical engineering should also pass the licensure exam. A license is a requirement for companies seeking the assistance of a chemical engineer. Students trying to earn a degree for this field often work as assistants to chemical engineers as part of their training.

Where can I work as a chemical engineer?

A chemical engineer’s work influences everything – food, drinks and clothing always go through the approval of chemical engineers before they are released. For this reason, almost every manufacturing business hires chemical engineers to ensure their product is according to business and government standards. Chemical engineers, especially those with experience can become teachers for the same degree.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Chemical engineers can work as consultants for businesses and the government.

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